Bangers and Crash Percussion

Caitríona Frost and Alex Petcu

Time and date

Monday 14 to Friday 18 January 2019


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Brace yourselves as two members from the Bangers and Crash Percussion Group, Caitriona and Alex, take to the stage to show off all that percussion has to offer!

Admission: €275

Bangers & Crash

The world of percussion is incredibly vast and there are thousands upon thousands of percussion instruments in existence today, many of which have unique origins in traditional music from around the world.

Throughout history, percussion instruments have provided the backbone for almost every style of music. However, they have also found their way into the scores of popular classical works, movie and cartoon soundtracks where they are not only used for rhythm and dramatic impact, but also for atmospheric effects.

For primary schools, the performers will begin by explaining what percussion instruments are and where they originate. The students will discover the basic foundations of music such as pulse, dynamics and rhythm by direct participation in various games and exercises that include call and response, passing rhythms and using various sounds to create atmospheric soundscapes. The duo will perform short pieces to show these concepts and the students will regularly be invited to participate. They will also learn about the role of percussion in various ensembles such as the orchestra, marching bands and rock/pop bands, and will see how some of the most recognisable sounds in movies and cartoons are created by percussion instruments.

A new addition to this workshop is a short story written by Cork-based author, Cethan Leahy. This was commissioned by Bangers and Crash as a way of demonstrating the range of sound effects that percussionists are often called upon to recreate. It also features original music written by the performers. To finish, the duo will perform some popular tunes that reach the limitations of what’s physically possible to play!

For secondary schools, the duo will cover many of the topics already mentioned but to a more advanced level. Particular attention will be given to showcasing some of the more unusual percussion instruments as well as the more unfamiliar uses of percussion in various musical styles. For music students, the duo will also show how percussion music can be notated and will demonstrate many of the instruments that are found in Raymond Deane’s Seachanges.