A brief description follows of activities being delivered in Ireland as part of READ ON.


Activities being delivered in Ireland as part of READ ON

READ ON is divided into a series of coordinated actions focused on the promotion of literature in its different forms, reading habits, narratives and the digital world, the relationship between authors and young readers, seeking to release the creative energy of the youngsters, expand their knowledge and give answers to their concerns and full expression of their potential.

A brief description follows of the activities that encompass these actions – you can Read More to find out more detail, and the events we’ve organised around each activity.



Youthcast will train young people to create a podcast or video cast of their own new creative work. Participants will be taken through the seven stages of successful online multimedia production and will be trained in the use of affordable equipment & software. An exhibition will following the workshops to showcase their work.

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Audience Development

The 7 partner organisations will pilot, test and develop guidance on how to know and grow its audience. It will also develop techniques on how to measure audience development, diversify and deepen the relationship with its audience. The output from this activity will be a set of tools in all partner languages which can be used by other similar organisations.

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International Training for Professionals

Partners will host an annual seminar on training for professionals working with young people looking at best practice on how to successfully encourage young people to engage with literature. This aims to share best practice and methodology with a wide range of professionals including teachers, librarians and cultural professionals.

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European Illustration Network

Linked to FLIC festival in Barcelona, students will be given an object which to illustrate and will enter an international competition adjudicated by an international panel. The selected top pieces will comprise the itinerant exhibition that will travel around different state locations and European festivals highlighting the achievements of these young illustrators. Workshops will also take place providing an opportunity for budding young artists to learn and improve their skills.

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My Life in Strips

My Life in Strips shares stories through the medium of graphic novels. Specially designed workshops will be delivered to students who will learn to create their own comic strips. They will learn both elements of story creation as well as turning stories into a full comic book script. Participants will experience the full comic-making process first hand, and see their work published in a professional-standard comic book. In addition participants will have the opportunity to enter a European wide competition with an exhibition of winning entries will be displayed at each festival participating in the project.

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Passports is an activity focused on citizenships and cultural identity through a mix of both workshops and specific events taking place during the West Cork Literary Festival. Passports will look at the work of European writers who have roots in other continents, namely those who grew up in Europe in a migrant family. It will explore the meaning of citizenship and cultural identity in Europe in the 21st century. This activity aims at creating a better understanding of the culture and values of different communities to promote integration.

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European Blurandevù

European Blurandevù is based on interview and presenting skills. A group of young people will be provided with training to present themselves and their ideas, ask questions and step into the role of interviewer. Attendees will then be given the opportunity during the West Cork Literary Festival to introduce writers, conduct an interview and take questions from the floor during these specific events.

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Creative Writing

Creative writing workshops are being delivered in designated libraries in Co. Cork and during the West Cork Literary Festival. Young people will be given the opportunity to take part in workshops. An experienced writer will guide them through various aspects of the creative process including idea and character generation, world building and editing. Young writers will have an opportunity to enter a competition with the winning entries being published in Spark Young Writers magazine in the UK.

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Encourage students to read more

Working in collaboration with schools and libraries, students will be allocated specific time to read works of their own choosing. A successful reading programme introduced by a partner school in Norway has delivered an improvement in both the groups reading abilities and social interactions. This will be incrementally rolled out in Co. Cork over the duration of the project.

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