Artemis Brass

Time and date

Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 November 2018


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This interactive workshop features the instruments of the Brass Quintet and charts the progression of music from Baroque to contemporary music and jazz in an exciting and interactive way. Hailing from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Artemis Brass features many of the island's leading orchestral and chamber musicians.

Admission: €350

Artemis Brass

Artemis Brass will involve children and teachers directly in these workshops with opportunities to conduct the ensemble, exercises in buzzing like brass players, opportunities to try instruments and with call and response rhythmical interactions.

During the course of the workshop students will also learn about different periods and styles of music as well as demonstrations of how each instrument operates and how mutes and other external factors can influence the unique sound of each instrument.

Relating to the title of the project the workshop will feature music from fugues by J.S Bach to Bernstein’s West Side Story as well as introducing children iconic composers such as Haydn, Verdi and Rimsky-Korsakov along the way. Other subjects discussed will include the Classical period and Beethoven’s introduction of trombones to the orchestra, Opera and how brass playing is similar to the use of the voice; 20th century music and the influence of jazz; and how folk music from different countries and accents can shape the music of our own countries.

Artist: Artemis Brass