Youthcast March 2018

12-15 years

Time and date

Wednesday 28 to Thursday 29 March 2018


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Youthcast – teaches young people to create either a podcast or videocast of their own

Admission: Free

Multimedia artist Dave Lordon ran a workshops in Mallow Library on 28 and 29 March with 12 young people between ages of 12 & 15 attended. 9 boys, 3 girls from Mallow & local villages & townlands.  During the first phase of the workshops the group they concentrated on basic storytelling technique and introduction to equipment. The technical resources used were smartphones & cheap or free apps & accessories. Participants used their own store of personal stories, local folklore and atmospheric shooting locations in Mallow area as material for their work.  In groups, participants choose an atmospheric local site to make up a story for – drawing inspiration from their own imaginations & folklore commission records. They shooting their videocasts on location using basic audio & video editing for digital storytelling.

Artist: Dave Lordan