The Lonely Book: Meg Grehan

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Wednesday 17 July 2024

12:00 pm

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The Lonely Book is a warm and loving story about how a non-binary person comes to understand and accept themselves and it is written by Meg Grehan, an award-winning LGBTQIA+ Irish author. This is a loving story written in short lines of verse so it is accessible to readers of all ages and Meg explores non-binary gender identity in a reassuring and age-appropriate way. Get ready to fall in love with Meg’s writing and her gorgeously written characters.

Admission: Free but ticketed, Age 8+

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Every morning, when Annie’s moms open up their bookshop, there’s a pile of books on the counter, waiting for the right reader to come and find them. But one day, there’s a book nobody comes for. Nobody ever comes, and each day the book gets lonelier, and the bookshop becomes an unhappy place. Who can the book be for, and why don’t they come?

Then someone starts borrowing the book. Eventually, we realise it’s Annie’s sibling Charlotte — and it is a book about being non-binary. Mum explains what ‘non-binary’ means to Annie. Charlotte asks to be called Charlie and says that their pronouns are they/them.

The bookshop cheers up. Customers start buying books again.



Meg Grehan

Meg Grehan is a young writer living in Donegal in the northwest of Ireland. The Lonely Book was published in April 2023 and is her fourth book for young readers...

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