34. Coffee Concert

BACH - Keeping it in the family

Time and date

Tuesday 2 July 2024

11:00 am

12:00 pm

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Camerata Øresund is the second of three Danish ensembles visiting the Festival this year. Their first programme for us focuses on the extensive Bach family. Bach himself fathered twenty children of whom half survived into adulthood. Johann Bernhard was a second cousin most of whose music has not survived. Wilhelm Friedmann was his oldest surviving son and a distinguished composer with a huge output of compositions. It is thought that most of his father’s famous keyboard Exercises were initially composed for Friedmann – and contrary to legend the Goldberg Variations were also written for him. This concert gives us the opportunity to compare the works of two family members alongside the Master himself.

Admission: €22/16/10

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All works performed by Camerata Øresund

Composer Work
Johann Bernhard Bach Ouverture in G major
Johann Sebastian Bach Orchestral suite No 3
Johann Bernhard Bach Ouverture E minor
Wilhelm Friedmann Bach Sinfonia in F major, FK 67
Johann Bernhard Bach Ouverture G minor
Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto for 2 violins D minor
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