64. Late Night

On the road: Travel concertos

Time and date

Thursday 29 June 2023

10:00 pm

11:00 pm

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Johannes Pramsohler and his colleagues rummaged through the luggage of Bach’s contemporaries and found some concerto scores that were clearly written for travelling musicians. Scored for seven or fewer players they are brilliant and remarkable pieces. Johann Fasch is famous for turning down the Leipzig cantor post that eventually went to Bach. Pisendel was an extraordinary violinist who paid several visits to Vivaldi, who wrote many concertos for him. Paul Durant composed mostly for the lute, here played by Jadran Duncumb.

Admission: €15

All works performed by Ensemble Diderot

Composer Work
Pisendel Violin concerto in B flat major
Fasch Lute concerto in D Minor
Durant Concerto in C Major for harpsichord, lute, cello and strings