13. Coffee Concert

Bach's Legacy

Time and date

Sunday 25 June 2023

11:00 am

12:00 pm

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In 1774 C.P.E.Bach enthused that these Sei Suonate à Cembalo certato è Violino Solo sound very good even now even though they are over fifty years old. Of these four Sonatas the E major will be the most familiar as well as the most demanding. This virtuosity shows itself in the first movement in the violin’s thirty-second note garlands and in the dense harpsichord texture, while the Adagio is reminiscent of the middle movement of the E major Violin Concerto. The joyful final movement verges on the limit of the playable. Here we have two masters playing music by one of the greatest masters of all.

Admission: €20/15/10

All works performed by Johannes Pramsohler Philippe Grisvard

Composer Work
J.S. Bach Sonata in C Minor BWV 1017
J.S. Bach Sonata in E Major BWV 1016
J.S. Bach Sonata in G Minor BWV 1020
J.S. Bach Sonata in G Major, BWV 1019