Ask the Author

Time and date

Thursday 28 March 2019

10:00 am

12:00 pm


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West Cork Music as part of READ ON are running a two hour ASK the Author segment

Admission: Free

E.R. Murray

What is it?

Ask the author is the section where an author will, for a period, respond to some questions and queries from readers. A chance to get to know authors better who, until now, we have only known through their stories – and a chance to get an answer to that question you have always wanted to ask.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Ask the Author activity takes place inside the Community of the Read On website:
  2. To participate in the Ask the Author you need to be a registered user. You can register whenever you want, but I advise to do it beforehand, in order to avoid the rush of doing so while the event has already started and the time is running.
  3. To register click on “login” top right of the screen.
  4. Once you are registered you just need to login with your username and password, but of course the first time you will need to register (click on “I want to REGISTER”).
  5. To register you’ll be asked for some basic information (nickname, email, country) and your default languages. You can choose up to four. You can also choose your own avatar.
    1. If students are under 16 they will need their parents’ approval, and provide an email from one of them.
  6. You can create different accounts for every single student or, if you only have one computer, you can create a collective class account. The website can be used from a normal computer, from an iPad or tablet, and even from a cell phone.
  7. When the Ask the Author time starts (not a minute before), you can start sending your questions to the author. Questions won’t be published until the author answers them (repeated or inappropriate questions won’t likely be answered).
  8. When the author answers to your question you get a notification (the small avatar on top right of the screen).
  9. You can send all the questions you want within the 2 hours.