42. Town Concert

The Unknown Traveller

Time and date

Wednesday 3 July 2019

2:00 pm

3:00 pm

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Admission: €7

Fieri Consort

Fieri Consort’s second concert reminds us of a time when England looked outside its borders to Europe for inspiration. An unknown traveller published in 1588 an anthology of Italian madrigals in translation to make them more accessible to English singers and to enable the public to understand the nuances that linked text and music together. These ‘Englished’ madrigals will be sung alongside two stunning pieces by William Byrd and famous works by their great contemporary, the Spanish composer Victoria.

All works performed by Fieri Consort

Composer Work
William Byrd The fair young virgin
Ferrabosco I saw my lady weeping
Anon Lo, here my heart in keeping
Palestrina In every place I find my grief
Victoria O Magnum Mysterium
Lobo Versa est in luctum
Victoria Ave Maria
de Monte Super Flumina Babylonia
Byrd Quomodo Cantabimus