Sonata Nona Op.16

Composer: Isabella Leonarda (b. 1620 - d. 1704)
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Composer: Isabella Leonarda (b. 1620 - d. 1704)

Performance date: 04/07/2016

Venue: St. Brendan’s Church

Composition Year: 1693

Duration: 00:03:51

Recording Engineer: Richard McCullough, RTÉ lyric fm

Instrumentation Category:Small Mixed Ensemble

Instrumentation Other: 2vn, vc, lute

Artists: Fredrik Bock - [lute]
Peter Spissky - [violin]
Judith-Maria Blomsterberg - [cello]
Antina Hugosson - [violin]

Sonata nona, despite the four movement structure, does not follow Corelli’s preferred slow-fast-slow-fast structure, but rather the opposite, opening with a brash Presto, the melody instruments being presented in imitation to the solo cello line. This imitative style of writing continues in the second Largo movement, which is followed by another Presto in fugal style. The Sonata finishes with a lively gigue which, despite being homophonic, manages to sneak in an impressive amount of imitation.