Donors, Friends & Other Individual Supporters

Please note this page is under construction. We are adding names on a weekly basis.

You can follow these links to find out more about becoming a Friend or Donor.

Major Donors

Thomas and Brita Drewes
William and Judith Bollinger
David Stang
Francis Humphrys
Donagh Collins


Donal Corcoran
Rosemary Fennell
Joan & Tony Manning
Gordon Rogoff in Memory of Morton Lichter

Gold Friends

Daphne Harris
Monica Armour
Gordon Rogoff
Deirdre Clare
Diana Gilbert
Harold Fish
Shirley Bernal
Sheila Pratschke
Alison Keating
Josephine Grant
Maurice Foley
Jerome Cotter
Christopher O’Toole
Francis Wammes
Michael Holley
John Upson & Valerie May
Sheila & Trevor Spalding
Sharon Burke & Shirley McQuade
Gerard O’Connor
Derrig Monks
Margaret Lucey
Joan & Tony Manning
Yasmin Hilberdink
Liam Tuite
Charles & Sylvia Coombs
James & Mary Hegarty
Edward Hooton
Margaret Gilligan
Jean-Louis Tancerman
Gerard & Marcia Wrixon
Brendan and Valerie Twomey
Anne Sheehy
Michael & Ann Owen
Brigitte Wagner-Halswick
David Stang
Paul Rispin
David Robson
Angela Coles
Donal Corcoran
Desmond McDermott
Dr. Chris Boersch
Eddy & Jacqueline Weij
Michael & Evelyn Moriarty
Geoffrey and Hilary Herdman
John Horgan

Silver Friends

Tony O’Dalaigh
Mary Kennedy
Catherine Hammond
Neil Brennan
John & Catherine Fraher
Marcella O Suilleabhain
Michael Hickey
Maureen & Roddy Galvin
David Nolan
Brian G. Midgley
Tony Harpur
Jacinta Ryan
David Titterington
Joan Cullen
Evan Roe
Helen & William Field
Alannah Hopkin
John Nicoll
Hazel Vickery
Dan Shields
Godfrey Offord
Patricia Quinn
Noel Ahern
Brian Collins
Jane Massy
John & Betsey Cutler
Paul Reinhardt & Mary O’Donoghue

Young Musician Sponsors

Diana Gilbert
Margaret Gilligan
Aiveen Kearney
Godfrey Offord

Individual Supporters

Susan Legge Clements

West Cork Literary Friends

Simon Hauxwell
Hazel Daniells
Iain & Mairi McKie
Hazel Vickery

Masters of Tradition Friends

Ann Clarke
Tom Deenihan
Peter Willand
Wendy Smith
Catherine Hammond
Steve Karbank
Ramor Craigie
Linda J. Skinner
Danese Cooper
Rosheeen Callender
Edwin Jenkins
Paul & Georgiana Keane
Patricia Tomasulo
Tracy Garland
Teresa Erdpohl
Ann Clare Nolan
Alan Hester
Martin D’Arcy
Laura Dillon

Gifts in Memory and in Will

We wish here to acknowledge the special gifts in will and memory, as a special and meaningful tribute to remember someone who loved music and our festivals, while supporting the continued work of West Cork Music.

In Memory of Joe Kenwright
In Memory of Morton Lichter
In Memory of Marion O’Brien