Nita Prose: The Maid & The Mystery Guest

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Monday 15 July 2024

2:30 pm

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Molly the Maid is back… with a new mess and a new mystery.

We are delighted to welcome Nita Prose, all the way from Canada. Her debut novel 'The Maid' sold over two million copies worldwide and was a New York Times No1 bestseller. Whilst her new novel 'The Mystery Guest' is a standalone novel it does reunite us with the same brilliant lead character Molly in the Regency Grand Hotel and also welcomes back favourite characters such as Mr Preston, Juan Manuel and Molly's beloved Gran.

Nita will be in conversation with fellow writer Andrea Mara

Admission: €18

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Molly Gray wears her Head Maid badge proudly for every shift at the Regency Grand Hotel, plumping pillows, sweeping up the guests’ secrets, silently restoring rooms to a state of perfection. But when a renowned guest – a famous mystery writer – drops very dead in the grand tea room, Molly has an unusual clean-up on her hands.


As rumours and suspicion swirl in the hotel corridors, it’s clear there’s grime lurking beneath the gilt. And Molly knows that she alone holds the key to the mystery. But unlocking it means thinking about the past, about Gran, and everything else she’s kept tidied away in her memory for so long. Because Molly knew the dead guest once upon a time – and he knew her…



Nita Prose

Nita Prose’s debut novel, The Maid, hit the Sunday Times and Irish Times bestseller lists, and was a No.1 New York Times bestseller. The novel, which has sold over two...

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Andrea Mara

Andrea Mara is a Sunday Times and Irish Times number one bestselling author, and has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including Irish Crime Novel of the Year. She...

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