Dinosaur Pie: Jen Wallace

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Friday 19 July 2024

12:00 pm

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Dinosaur Pie is Jen Wallace’s hilarious and heart-warming story about a boy with ADHD who is transformed into a dinosaur. Jen is a debut author from Cork and she explores ADHD and celebrating difference in Dinosaur Pie, in a relatable and compassionate manner informed by years of working with children.

Jen Wallace, author of Dinosaur Pie, will host a T-Rific creativity event for families. She will explore the benefits of incessant questions, brainstorms and weird mash-ups in this interactive workshop.

Join Jen for a family event with a reading from the book, an art activity and a dinosaur quiz. We would like this event to be as inclusive as possible so please do let us know if you and family require additional information about the event and the setting.

Max 30 people. This event is most suitable from age 6 (younger siblings are welcome) and accompanying grown ups are invited to join in too.

Admission: Free but ticketed. Age 6+

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Jen says: “This book started out as a cunning ploy to get my kids to eat their dinner (Is it really dinosaur pie, Mum?) Then it became a poem for a few years. It enjoyed that but it began to dream of being a book. So it pestered me and pestered me and eventually I helped it become this book.


I populated it with neurodivergent characters because those are the people I know best. So you will see some of my autistic traits and some of my ADHD traits in the characters. I think this is important because there are neurodivergent children in every school and community, so of course they must be in the books children read, even books that started out as dinners.”


Rory is having a weird week. A really weird week. He has been turned into a ridiculous, small, feathered dinosaur. Pretty awkward.


Rory can’t use a human toilet. He can’t hold a video game controller in his little dino claws. His breath smells really bad. And his new carnivore body can’t stop craving sausages.


Rory finally gets his friends to take his embarrassing situation seriously, and together they embark on Operation Make Rory Human Again. But it’s not easy. Will Rory be stuck as a dinosaur forever?


Jen Wallace

Jen Wallace is an author and mother from Cork who loves stories. She works in both verse and prose and likes to weave stories from a child’s perspective, full of...

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