Exploring Wild Wonders: Aga Grandowicz & E.R. Murray

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Saturday 13 July 2024

2:00 pm

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Join artist and publisher, Aga Grandowicz, and award-winning children’s writer, E.R. Murray, for this fun and engaging workshop that brings the natural world to life through words and pictures. E.R Murray will read from Wild Wonders and provide you with some top tips for your own writing projects, and Aga will reveal the secrets behind what makes an effective drawing or illustration. You will get the chance to create your own story-inspired drawing, and to have all your questions answered about what it’s like to be an artist and a writer.

Duration: 1 hour. Age: 6+

Please Note: This is an event for children. Booking is required only for children attending the event. Parents and guardians do not need to book a seat.

Admission: Free but ticketed, Age 6+



Aga Grandowicz

Aga Grandowicz is a highly prolific, proactive, entrepreneurial, and multi-award-winning art director, graphic designer, illustrator and artist. She studied graphic design, fine arts, and traditional photography in ASP Gdansk (Academy...

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E.R. Murray

E.R. Murray writes novels, short stories and poetry for children and young adults. Her novels include Caramel Hearts and the award-winning Nine Lives Trilogy; The Book of Learning (Dublin UNESCO...

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