31. Candlelit Late Night

Time and date

Monday 1 July 2024

10:00 pm

11:00 pm


Bantry House

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Anna Fedorova is a fabulous Ukrainian pianist based in the Netherlands, where she has opened her Davidsbündler Music Academy named after the Davidsbündler or League of David created by Robert Schumann. In his writings, the fictional members of the League of David were people-representatives of a free-spirited, progressive and open-minded society, ideals that are essential qualities of true artists. Famously Schumann’s Carnaval concludes with the victorious march of the League against the philistines. Before that Schumann introduces us to his shimmering cast of the League, some disguised as commedia dell'arte figures such as Pierrot and Arlequin, Pantalone and Columbine, Schumann himself in his two disguises - the dreamy, inward-looking Eusebius and the impetuous, extrovert Florestan and Clara, Chopin and Paganini. Manuel de Falla’s El amor brujo is a passionate Spanish gypsy ballet about two lovers kept apart by a vengeful ghost. The short piano Suite concludes with a spectacular ritual fire dance to bring our day of music to a dramatic conclusion.

Admission: €15

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Composer Work
Schumann Carnaval Op.9
de Falla Suite from 'El amor brujo'
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