13. Coffee Concert

Beethoven Cycle 3

Time and date

Sunday 30 June 2024

11:00 am

12:00 pm

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Beethoven Cycle 3

Beethoven’s Spring Sonata is probably the best loved of Beethoven's sonatas on account of its irresistible lyrical invention, but it is the slow movement in particular that resonates most deeply with audiences and players alike. The quiet beauty of the theme is instantly and eloquently seductive. There is no passion, rather a gentle radiance and a hushed joyfulness. The Op.30 sonatas were composed in a burst of energy in the spring of 1802, the year of the famous Heiligenstadt Testament, the despairing document he wrote when he realised his deafness was incurable and he regarded an early death as inevitable. However there is no trace of this angst in this delightful A major Sonata.

Admission: €22/16/10

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All works performed by Fanny Clamagirand Roustem Saitkoulov

Composer Work
Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 in F major Op.24 'Spring'
Beethoven Violin Sonata No.6 in A major Op.30/1
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