The Summer I Robbed a Bank: Family Theatre

Time and date

Wednesday 12 July 2023

3:00 pm

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Come and experience a sneak preview taster of a brand-new theatre show, The Summer I Robbed a Bank, for children 8+ and their families. Presented by The Ark and the Everyman 

Written by Mark Doherty and adapted from David O’Doherty’s award-winning children’s book, The Summer I Robbed a Bank, the play will premiere in 2024.

Admission: Free but ticketed. Age 8+


Rex is on his way from the city to stay with his strange Uncle Derm on Achill Island. The island is full of unruly sheep, sideways rain and possibly even sharks!


Writer Mark Doherty
Director Sophie Motley
Video Designer Jack Phelan
Performed by Kwaku Fortune, Chloe O’ Reilly, Rosie O’Regan & Bryan Quinn