Elephant Island: Leo Timmers

Time and date

Wednesday 12 July 2023

11:00 am

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Award-winning illustrator Leo Timmers is coming to West Cork and he want you to help him create a giant picture. Join Leo for storytelling, drawing demonstrations and the chance to chat to him about the magical Elephant Island. A shipwrecked elephant makes his tiny island a home for the many friends who come to the rescue, building increasingly intricate constructions that turn Elephant Island into a fun park city

Admission: Free but ticketed. Age: 4-11


Caught in a storm, Arnold the elephant washes up on a tiny island. Along comes Mouse in a little dingy and Arnold steps aboard . . . uh-oh! They use the wreckage to make the island bigger. And here’s Dog—can this boat take Arnold’s weight? Uh-oh! None of the animals can save the shipwrecked elephant but each broken vessel provides new materials for another intricate construction. Wheels and pulleys create a Ferris wheel, an elevator, a waffle maker. Soon there is a whole community and enough space for everyone!

As with all of Leo Timmers‘ picture books, Elephant Island has many layers of discovery. Each new building is a magical fun park packed with mechanical detail and busy animals all working together.




Leo Timmers

  Leo Timmers was born in 1970 in Belgium. At 12 he started to draw comics and later trained in graphic design. He illustrates for magazines and newspapers and has...

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