The Rainbow Library with Kip Alizadeh

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Thursday 13 July 2023

2:15 pm

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Throughout 2022, Pop Up Projects delivered creative workshops across the UK and Ireland as part of The Rainbow Library – a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ inclusive children’s literature creation and publishing project. At a six-day residency in Cork, aspiring young writers and illustrators were guided through the process of bringing their unique stories to life by writer Kel Menton and illustrator Kip Alizadeh. By joining a community of creative peers with shared lived experiences and passions, the aspiring writers and illustrators developed their craft and found a new network of creatives to belong to – even collaborating on submissions together! An anthology of work by these eight talented young people – Caoimhín McCarthy, Kate Clery, Kei Fitzpatrick, Marly Crowley, Morgan Lyons, Lee Boyle, Scar McCarthy and Sloane Quirke – showcases their work and highlights some of the very best illustration and writing in the young LGBTQ+ community. Come along to meet illustrator Kip Alizadeh and some of these talented young people as they read their work and share the anthology with us.

Admission: Free

A Rainbow Libraries initiative, in partnership with Cork County Council’s Library and Arts Services, Pop Up Projects and Creative Ireland.


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Kip Alizadeh

Kip Alizadeh is an illustrator and visual artist. When they aren’t creating, they like to DJ, spend time with their cats, and play sports. Kip is nonbinary, queer, Iranian, and...

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