Soula Emmanuel & Ann-Marie MacDonald

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Friday 14 July 2023

1:00 pm


Bantry Library

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Join Soula Emmanuel and Ann-Marie MacDonald for a discussion about their brilliant new novels.

Soula's debut Wild Geese is the story of a young Irish woman living in Copenhahen almost three years into her gender transition. Ann-Marie's Fayne is set in the late 19th century and is a queer, coming of age novel about a young person struggling to establish their place in the world within the strict boundaries of contemporary society.

Soula and Ann-Marie will be in conversation with Sasha de Buyl

Admission: Free

Soula Emmanuel‘s novel Wild Geese introduces us to an over-educated and underpaid young Irish woman, Phoebe Forde who is finally settling into her new life in Copenhagen with her anxious dog Dolly. Almost three years into her gender transition, she has learned to move through the world carefully, savouring small moments of joy. A woman without a past can be anyone she wants – that is, until an unexpected visit from her first (and only) girlfriend brings her face-to-face with a life she thought she would never see again. In the course of a single weekend, as their old romance kindles something radical and new, Grace helps Phoebe to navigate the jagged edges of migration and alienation. Wild Geese is an intimate and moving novel of past lives, messy feelings and the desire to start afresh. With wit and warmth, it charts the dislocations and relocations, encounters, accidents and memories, and the layers of love and loss that constitute a life.


Soula Emmanuel’s prose is breathtaking: searingly sharp, deliciously funny, profound. Wild Geese is a beautiful and devastating read. An extraordinary debut. Danielle McLaughlin


Fayne, a vast and lonely estate, lies to the misty southern border of Scotland, ruled by the Lord Henry Bell, Seventeenth Baron of the DC de Fayne, Peer of Her Majesty’s Realm of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In Ann-Marie MacDonald‘s Fayne we meet a trans character coming to terms with frustratingly arbitrary dichotomies in the world. The mysterious Lord Bell keeps to his rooms by day, appearing briefly at night to dote over his beloved and peculiarly gifted child. But even with all her gifts – intelligence, wit and strength of character – can Charlotte overcome the violently strict boundaries of contemporary society and establish her own place in the world?



Soula Emmanuel

Soula Emmanuel is a trans writer who was born in Dublin to an Irish mother and a Greek father. She attended university in Ireland and Sweden, graduating with a master's...

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Ann-Marie MacDonald

Ann-Marie MacDonald is a novelist, playwright and actress. She was born in the former West Germany. After studying at the National Theater School in Montreal, she moved to Toronto where...

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Sasha de Buyl

Sasha de Buyl is a writer and programmer from Cork. They are currently Literature and Ideas Programmer at International Literature Festival Dublin and in 2023 acted as Guest Curator for...

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