79. Young Musicians Series

Time and date

Saturday 1 July 2023

2:00 pm

3:00 pm

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Treske Quartet blasts their way into this exciting concert with Gabriella Smith’s playfully named Carrot Revolution that she wrote in 2015 and has already caught the imagination of several young Quartets. Her San Francisco Bay musical heritage is not hard to detect and she is one of a new generation of composers connecting her work to her environmental passions. The winners of the Festival’s Composition Competition will be selected in April and announced on this web-site. Treske bravely undertake the first of Beethoven’s Late Quartets, a work whose slow movement breaks through to that place where time stands still.

Admission: €7

All works performed by Treske Quartet

Composer Work
Gabriella Smith Carrot Revolution
Leah Mullen The Hartford, 1894 PREMIERE
Beethoven Quartet No.12 in E flat major Op.127