42. Main Evening Concert

Time and date

Tuesday 27 June 2023

7:30 pm

9:30 pm


Bantry House

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Pacifica’s final concert features American composer Frederick Tillis with his Spiritual Fantasy quartet. The composer has written of this work, The composition of the Spiritual Fantasy for String Quartet pays tribute to the essence of the musical expressions of pathos and triumph over worldly obstacles encountered by a people who found hope and strength through faith in God. Dvořák’s final quartet was begun in New York and completed in Prague, warm, generous, joyful music in the composer’s late manner. Shostakovich’s towering Piano Quintet opens with a Prelude and Fugue and a piano solo that clearly reflect the presence of Bach in a work that combines perfection of form with episodes of deepest pain, brilliant wit, uncouth barbarities and popular tunes.

Admission: €47/37/27/13

There has been a change in the repertoire programmed for this event. The details are correct as they appear on this online event page, not on the brochure. Apologies for any confusion.

Watch a clip from another performance from Cédric Pescia


Composer Work Artist(s)
Frederick Tillis From Spiritual Fantasy No. 12 for String Quartet - 'Nobody knows the trouble I see' 'Wade in the Water' Pacifica Quartet
Dvořák String Quartet No.14 in A flat major Op.105 Pacifica Quartet
Shostakovich Piano Quintet in G minor Op.57 Ragazze Quartet Cédric Pescia