Coffee & Chat with Eva Bourke

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Friday 19 July 2019

10:00 am

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Empathy, historical awareness and a meticulous attention to detail have long been among the trademarks of Eva Bourke’s poetry.

Admission: €10

In Seeing Yellow even in a vignette of Eva’s young mother in an unremarkable small railway station, the German-born Galway resident makes her readers mindful of “the disasters and joys” of the past and of those who face them “with nothing but… light luggage”. The title poem recalls the failing Pearse Hutchinson in hospital, his visitor, inspired by Van Gogh, bringing the old poet a bunch of sunflowers for his bedside, holding “their rough stalks like torches” for the journey ahead. Though her poetry cannot be reduced to a function, its power to build connections between here and there, now and then, is everywhere evident in a book of heartfelt and graceful expression where “the garden gates of memory” may at any moment swing open, to reveal not so much a distant world as an invitation to see our own in a new light.



Eva Bourke

Eva Bourke was born in Germany in 1946; she is a poet and translator. She has published six previous collections of poetry, the most recent being piano (Dedalus, 2011). Her translations include a...

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