Literary Programme 2017

Shane Connaughton: Irish Times Book Club

Shane Connaughton: Irish Times Book Club

Shane Connaughton

Bantry Library

Thu 20 July 2017




A Border Station and Married Quarters by Shane Connaughton will be the Irish Times Book Club titles for July. Shane will be in conversation with Martin Doyle, Books Editor with the Irish Times and this event will be recorded for the Irish Times Book Club Podcast.

Married Quarters is long-awaited sequel to the acclaimed A Border Station by Shane Connaughton, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of My Left Foot.

A small, insignificant Irish border town in the early 1960s. The Sergeant is nervous. He has his men lined up for inspection in the day room of the Garda station. Chief Superintendent ‘The Bully’ Barry is on the warpath and any slip-ups will reflect badly on the Sergeant. But what can he do with the men under his command – all of them the leftovers from other more important stations in more important towns? O’Shea, Keegan, O’Keeffe, Fleming, Dempsey, Quigley and Sullivan – each garda has his own story, his own problems. How can a man be expected to keep the peace with such a bunch of misfits and ne’er-do-wells?

Observing them with fascination, all but invisible in his own quiet corner, sits the Sergeant’s son. On the cusp of manhood, he is drawn in by these rough and ready men, stuck in this place and time, when all he wants is a chance to leave and start his life anew. Life at home in the station’s married quarters is both comfort and tedium, ruled over by his by-the-book father and his gentle, stolid mother.

Taking up where his acclaimed A Border Station left off, Married Quarters is brilliant, funny and beautifully observed, and marks the return of Shane Connaughton, one of Ireland’s most cherished writers.

‘Here is a… writer with immense confidence and vitality. He has an extraordinary feeling for place and landscape.’Jennifer Johnston [on A Border Station]

‘Beautifully wrought.’Daily Telegraph [on A Border Station]

Shane Connaughton is an acclaimed novelist, screenwriter and actor. His screenplay for My Left Foot was shortlisted for an Academy Award; the film won two acting Oscars. His short film, The Dollar Bottom (1980) won an Academy Award for Best Short Film. His published fiction includes A Border Station, which was a bestseller and was shortlisted for the Guinness Peat Aviation Book Award in 1989, and the novel The Run of the Country, for which he also adapted the screenplay. Married Quarters is a sequel to A Border Station and is published in May 2017. Originally from Cavan, Shane was brought up in a rural Garda Station on the Fermanagh border. He is married with two grown-up children.