Suite Americana No. I

Composer: Enrique Crespo (b. 1941)
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Composer: Enrique Crespo (b. 1941)

Performance date: 30/06/2018

Venue: St. Brendan’s Church

Composition Year: 1977

Duration: 00:18:05

Recording Engineer: Ciaran Cullen, RTÉ

Instrumentation Category:Brass Quartet

Instrumentation Other: tpt, tpt, frhn, tbn

Artists: London Chamber Brass Seb Philpott [trumpet], Cai Isfryn [trumpet], Oli Hickie [French horn], Barnaby Philpott [trombone]) - [brass ensemble]

Enrique Crespo [born 1941]

Suite Americana No.1 (1977)

1. Ragtime

2. Bossa Nova

3. Vals Peruano

4. Zamba Gaucha

5. Son de Mexico

Originally hailing from Uruguay, Enrique Crespo is a trombonist and founding member of German Brass. He is a prolific arranger of brass and his compositions are often inspired by his Latin and South American background.

Suite Americana No. 1 has become a staple of brass chamber music repertoire, due to its diverse styles. Over the course of its five movements, he takes the listener on a veritable travelogue around the Americas. He opens with a New Orleans rag, before an irresistible Brazilian bossa nova. Next is a Peruvian waltz, followed by an Argentinean samba and finally a Mexican song. His extensive knowledge of the capabilities and strengths of each instrument allow for the brass ensemble to really shine.

Seb Philpott