Madárdal – String Quartet No 2

Composer: Andrea Tarrodi (b. 1981)
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Composer: Andrea Tarrodi (b. 1981)

Performance date: 06/07/2019

Venue: Bantry Library

Composition Year: 2013

Duration: 00:19:29

Recording Engineer: Ciaran Cullen, RTÉ

Instrumentation: 2vn, va, vc

Instrumentation Category:String Quartet

Artists: Dahlkvist Quartet (Alexander Kagan [violin], Kersti Gräntz [violin], Jon Dahlkvist [viola], Hanna Dahlkvist [cello]) - [quartet]

Dahlkvist Quartet

Alexander Kagan, Kersti Gräntz [violins]

Jon Dahlkvist [viola], Hanna Dahlkvist [cello]

Andrea Tarrodi [born 1981]

Madárdal – String Quartet No 2 [2013]

1. Alleghretto – Allegro – Meno mosso

2. Adagio – Meno mosso

3. Allegretto – Allegro – Allegretto – Coda meno mosso

Madárdal was commissioned by Sveriges Radio P2 and written for the Dahlkvist Quartet. The piece is inspired by both Swedish and Hungarian folk songs. Since I am half Swedish and half Hungarian I thought that it would be an interesting way of composing a piece.

Madárdal consists of three movements. The first movement is built on fragments from Romany/Hungarian melodies and gestures. The Adagio is based on two specific Swedish folk songs; Emigrantvisa and Polska från Medelpad. In the third and last movement, the Hungarian/Romany and Swedish folk songs meet. Throughout the piece you also may hear both Hungarian and Swedish bird species. Madárdal is the Hungarian word for birdsong, hence the title. 

Andrea Tarrodi