12 Valses Nobles D.969

Composer: Franz Schubert (b. 1797 - d. 1828)
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Composer: Franz Schubert (b. 1797 - d. 1828)

Performance date: 29/06/2022

Venue: Bantry House

Composition Year: 1826

Duration: 00:10:06

Recording Engineer: Eduardo Prado, Ergodos

Instrumentation: pf

Instrumentation Category:Solo

Artists: Zoltán Fejérvári - [Piano]

Franz Schubert [1797-1828]

12 Valses Nobles D.969 [1826]

  1. Valse noble No.1 in C major
  2. Valse noble No. 2 in A major
  3. Vasle noble No.3 in C major
  4. Valse noble No.4 in G major
  5. Valse noble No. 5 in A minor/C major
  6. Valse noble No.6 in C major
  7. Valse noble No.7 in E major
  8. Valse noble No.8 in A major
  9. Valse noble No.9 in A minor
  10. Valse noble No.10 in F major
  11. Valse noble No.11 in C major
  12. Valse noble No.12 in C major

The waltz as a dance and a musical form was hugely popular in the 19th Century – the public desire was insatiable and composers were drawn to the simple rhythm contour. Schubert wrote his dances for the enjoyment of friends and for them to dance to, and we can imagine, especially in the beautiful setting of Bantry House, well-heeled ladies and gentlemen waltzing at a candle-lit party. His Valses Nobles are probably his best-loved dances. As in so many cases, Schubert’s genius has resulted in a simple form becoming something far more interesting and beautiful than what most others could achieve. The balanced phrases, harmonic subtleties and melodic suspensions, with the overall charming Viennese lilting quality, creates an expressiveness and internal drama that is such a hallmark of Schubert’s style.

Helen Dawson