The Music Room: An Exhibition of Paintings by Tim Goulding

Time and date

Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25 August 2024

Masters of Tradition is delighted to present a solo exhibition of work by Tim Goulding from his latest series Music. The idea of staves forms the basic structure for this series of paintings. Then the backing singers make their entrance against the orchestration which is indicated in the form of the lighter coloured compartments. The soloists arrive singing their lead notes, these are the solid colours. The rhythm is indicated by the spaces or rests. The eye travels around the ‘notes’ suggesting movement.

"I constructed the paintings as I might arrange a musical work, paying attention to counterpoint, harmony and the spaces between notes that imply rhythm. Outside of this rather dry framework I am trying to emphasise a feeling of uplift, joy, and harmony. 'Singing with colour' is a good analogy." -Tim Goulding, 2024

Admission: Free

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