Jan Carson & Thomas Morris

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Wednesday 17 July 2024

6:30 pm

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Jan Carson and Thomas Morris are masters of the short story form and both have released dazzling new collections of stories in recent months. Jan’s collection Quickly, While They Still Have Horses contains bold, tender, surprising stories of youth and innocence, age and experience - and all the spaces in between. Open Up is new collection from Thomas Morris and it brings five achingly tender, innovative and dazzling stories of (dis)connection.

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In sixteen sparkling stories, Jan Carson introduces us to worlds and characters that feel real enough to touch. All of life is here: the thrill of growing up, the grief when youth is over; first love, mature love, parenthood and loss – all shot through with profound compassion, warm wit, and boundless imagination. In ‘A Certain Degree of Ownership’, a distracted couple on a beach fail to notice their baby crawl perilously towards the sea. In ‘Troubling the Water’, a rumour spreads at a public swimming pool and chaos ensues. In ‘Fair Play’ a dishevelled father loses his two sons in an adventure park. Every so often, an irresistible suggestion of the other world will surprise and delight, reaffirming Jan as a thrillingly original and audacious talent, and making Quickly, While They Still Have Horses the perfect introduction for readers new to her work.


From a child attending his first football match, buoyed by secret magic, and a wincingly humane portrait of adolescence, to the perplexity of grief and loss through the eyes of a seahorse, Thomas Morris seeks to find grace, hope and benevolence in the churning tumult of self-discovery. Philosophically acute. Wincingly humane. Strikingly original. This outstanding suite of stories is bursting with a bracing emotional depth. Open Up cracks the heart as it expands the short story form.




Jan Carson

Jan Carson is a writer and community arts facilitator based in Belfast. She has published three novels, three short story collections and two micro-fiction collections. Her novel The Fire Starters...

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Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris’ debut story collection We Don’t Know What We’re Doing won The Wales Book of the Year Award, The Rhys Davies Trust Fiction Award, and a Somerset Maugham Prize. His stories...

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