Dani Robertson: All Through The Night

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Sunday 14 July 2024

10:00 am

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Embark on an illuminating journey with All Through the Night, as Dark Sky Officer Dani Robertson unveils the wonders of our night skies and reveals the havoc wreaked by light pollution. She explains why darkness is so important – to plants, to animals, and to ourselves – and why we must protect it all costs. Interspersed with inspiring stories from cultures the world over, this book is both a celebration of the star-speckled blanket above us and a call to reclaim the night, one light switch at a time.

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Darkness is the first thing we know in our human existence. Safe and warm inside the bubble of the womb, we are comfortable in that embracing dark. But as soon as we are bought into the light, we learn to fear the dark. Why? This book is a celebration of all things that go bump in the night and the joy that can be found when the sun goes down. As a society we have closed our curtains to the darkness, now Dani Robertson urges you to cast those curtains wide, step out of your front door and let the darkness pull you in.


Some 99 per cent of Western Europeans live under light polluted skies, but what is this doing to our health? Our wellbeing? Our connection to the cycles of nature? Our wildlife, too, has been cast into the harsh glare of our light addiction, with devastating impacts.


In this book Dani shares with you the excitement and adventure she has found when everyone else is tucked up in bed. She explores constellations and cultures, enjoys environmental escapades, all whilst learning why we are addicted to light and why it is ruining our lives. She’ll show you why the darkness is so important and why we must protect it all costs. You’ll become a crusader of Darkness and an expert on what we can do to stop the onward march of light pollution (clue: it’s as easy as the flick of a switch). Her life depends on darkness, and yours does too.


‘A much-needed call to arms.’ Forbes Magazine


‘Read the book, look up in awe, and act.’ Mike Parker, author of All the Wide Border



Dani Robertson

Dani Robertson, a Dark Sky Officer for Snowdonia National Park, is originally from Greater Manchester but moved to the Welsh countryside at an early age. She is prolific in her...

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