41. Main Evening Concert

Time and date

Tuesday 2 July 2024

7:30 pm

9:30 pm

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I called this concert a walk on the wild side. Schubert’s Der Hirt auf den Felsen is dated a month before he died creating in us a sense of wonder that he could compose so joyful a work in such miserable circumstances. He wrote it for a soprano he admired, who claimed that the public only wanted treats for the ear, which is certainly what they get here. Ensemble MidtVest is a Danish wind quintet with an exciting repertoire. Music making in the forest by the Danish composer Jǿrgen Jersild could be described as a pastoral serenade with many treats for the ear, a light-hearted and cheerful preparation for the rigours of Winterreise. This is one of the greatest song cycles ever written, not a shred of false sentimentality in its concentrated, desolate emotional climate so it is no wonder that mezzo-sopranos have undertaken this journey normally the realm of the male voice. Fleur Barron and Julius Drake have travelled many times down this wild pathway to seek out the hurdy-gurdy man.

Admission: €38/26/12

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Composer Work Artist(s)
Schubert The Shepherd on the Rock D.965 Anna Devin Matthew Hunt Julius Drake
Jersild At spille i skoven Ensemble MidtVest
Schubert Winterreise D.911 Fleur Barron Julius Drake
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