Richard Kearney: Salvage

Time and date

Friday 7 July 2023

3:00 pm

Salvage is the brand new novel by Irish philosopher and writer, Richard Kearney. It is set among the last inhabitants of a windswept Island off the south coast of Ireland in 1939 as they find themselves torn between the pull of the past and the lure of the modern.

Richard will be in conversation with journalist and broadcaster Flor MacCarthy

Admission: €18

It’s 1939 and young Maeve O’Sullivan and her family are among the last inhabitants of a windswept island off the south coast of Ireland. After her father drowns in a boating accident, Maeve finds herself the last inheritor of the old ways of healing. But the future beckons to Maeve with the arrival of Seamus, a handsome young medical student heading for Dublin. Maeve suddenly finds herself at a crossroads, torn between the pull of the past and the lure of the modern. Must she sacrifice one in order to accommodate the other?


St Brigid, patroness of poetry, craft and midwifery, hovers over this richly evocative story about the tension between progress and tradition. Timely and timeless, Richard’s novel offers sensual homage to a singular landscape brimming with an Irish wisdom about the natural world.


Bursting with intimate contact with plants and sea creatures, who seem to grow from the writer’s pen as the origins of life might do, Salvage is a story about love, faith and the future. In this gem of a book, rooted in ideas Richard Kearney has been developing for decades, the writing is healing. It heralds the recovery of a rich Irish wisdom, something the world needs now more than ever. Fanny Howe


Richard Kearney writes with urgency, fluency, and commitment. Colm Toibín on ‘Touch’


Richard Kearney

Richard Kearney is an Irish philosopher and writer who holds the Seelig Chair of Philosophy at Boston College. He has written many books on European philosophy, narrative imagination, and Irish...

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Flor MacCarthy

Flor MacCarthy is a journalist and broadcaster who hosts political debates on Oireachtas TV. A former news reporter and newscaster with RTÉ, she also presented a variety of cultural programmes...

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