5. Crespo Series

Time and date

Saturday 24 June 2023

12:05 pm

1:00 pm

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In the 2022 Festival we discovered the Christian Fellowship Church made an ideal venue for small, intimate concerts both for young musicians and for unusual programmes that expect what we call a select audience. Calathea Quartet is a young Quartet on the verge of a professional career. The four young musicians are from four countries, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Thus their familiarity with the New Zealand composer, Gillian Whitehead, whose Maori heritage has influenced her work. Shostakovich 5 is one of his most uncompromising quartets, a titanic struggle between diametrically opposed forces, deceptively restrained music keeps exploding in monstrous demonstrations of unconstrained power. It shows tremendous self-confidence for a young Quartet to take on this unusual masterpiece.

Please Note: This venue may have limited access for those with disabilities. Please call the box office on 027 52788 for further information.

Admission: €15

All works performed by Calathea Quartet

Composer Work
Gillian Whitehead Moon, Tide, Shoreline
Shostakovich Quartet No.5 in B flat Op.92