Ella van Poucke


Ella van Poucke, born in Amsterdam in 1994, is one of the leading cellists of her generation. After making her debut at the Concertgebouw at the age of 10, she has been performing in all the major halls of the Netherlands, and in many top halls in Europe and in the U.S. and Asia. In November 2012 she premiered a new cello concerto, which was written for her by the Finnish composer Uljas Pulkkis during the International Cello Biennale in Amsterdam. In 2019 Ella performed the complete works for cello and piano by Beethoven in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam together with her brother Nicolas among other venues. She is a regular member of the Amsterdam Chamber Music Society and is the artistic director of the Chamber Music Festival Amsterdam which she and her brother, pianist Nicolas founded in 2010. Ella plays on a 1620 Maggini cello, kindly lend to her by an anonymous benefactor.

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