Mick Conneely

Instruments: Bouzouki | Fiddle

Mick is one of the most acclaimed and respected fiddle players in the Irish tradition. To date he has played, toured and recorded with many artists, most notably De Danann. In 2001, his debut solo album Selkie was released to critical acclaim on the prestigious boutique trad label Cló Iar-Chonnacht and he has recorded on numerous albums to date. Mick is known for his expressive ornamentation, his rhythmic bowing and his rich repertoire of tunes. Mick is a leading exponent of the 6-string Greek bouzouki in Irish traditional music. Mick has taught fiddle and bouzouki at various festivals and workshops around the world. Mick played fiddle with legendary Irish music group De Danann periodically over 22 years from 1991-2013 (full-time between 2009-2013, recording one studio album Wonderwaltz with the band in 2010). Mick continues to collaborate with David Munnelly promoting their fiddle & accordion duet.

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