Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin and Ultan O’Brien

Instruments: Fiddle | Singer

“Raw and from the heart, the good stuff, the music we all love. Open your ears and mind, sit  back, be prepared to be brought on a magical journey with this earthy blend of voice and instrument” – Mick O’Brien

Dublin-based with Clare and Connemara connections, Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin and Ultan O’Brien have been playing together for many years in bands, including Skipper’s Alley and ‘Aon Teanga:Un Chengey’ (One Tongue).

‘Solas an Lae’ (The Light of the Day), Eoghan and Ultan’s debut offering, won Best Folk Album at the RTÉ Folk Awards in 2022. It is a compelling exploration of the relationship between fiddle and voice, creating a unique dialogue that blends raw, rugged earth with the ethereal  otherworld.

Since the release of their album, they have built on this musical relationship through the medium of “digital folk opera” – marrying the tales told in their music with film. The most recent of these is “Lifting The Latch”, a short film that explores the themes of escapism, movement, migration and loss.

Bouncing songs and strings off one another, Eoghan and Ultan have emerged viscerally from the sean-nós roots of upbringing to blossom into two of the most articulate Irish musical voices on the scene today.

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