Kathryn Tickell Trio

Instruments: Ensemble

The ancient sounds of Northumberland spring to life through the glorious musicianship of the three performers of the The Kathryn Tickell Trio comprising of Kathryn Tickell, Amy Thatcher and Stef Conner.

Kathryn Tickell (Northumbrian pipes, fiddle, voice) –  is widely acclaimed as the foremost exponent of the Northumbrian pipes. She is a composer, performer, broadcaster and recording artist whose work is deeply rooted in the landscape and people of Northumbria.

Amy Thatcher (accordion, voice, clog dancing) is one of the UK’s leading folk accordionists. Her musical roots are in Stockport’s Fosbrook Folk Education Trust, where she trained from the age of eight on accordion, fiddle, piano and clog dancing.

Stef Conner’s (lyres, voice) music infuses ancient texts with new creative energy. Her musical style is distorted into something uniquely her own through the sounds she has absorbed, from reconstructed Mesopotamian lyres, medieval chant, and Old English poetry to spectral harmony and experimental vocal music.

Kathryn Tickell Trio ©The Bigger Picture Agency Ltd
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