Miek Zwamborn

Seaweed Miek Zwamborn jacket

Miek Zwamborn is a Dutch author, translator and artist. Her practice often delves into archival collections, drawing on the suggestive possibility of historical materials, letters, texts, objects and artefacts in order to create semi-factual narratives. Through installations, performances, books and photography, Miek imbues her source material with a rigorous sense of subjective and the speculative. Zwamborn has published the novels Oploper (2000, Meulenhoff) and Vallend Hout (2004, Meulenhoff), and the poetry books Het krieken van sepia (2008, Slibreeks), De duimsprong (2013, Van Oorschot). Her anthology Wieren (2018, Van Oorschot), is her first book to appear in English, published as The Seaweed Collector’s Handbook, in July 2020, translated by Michele Hutchison. Miek was scheduled to attend this summer’s festival with her translator Michele Hutchison and their visit was to be supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature as part of their New Dutch Writing campaign.