Meet The Writers - Philip Hoare

Philip Hoare

Philip Hoare's book Leviathan or, The Whale won the 2009 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. It was followed in 2013 by The Sea Inside. His new book, RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR, shortlisted for the 2018 Stanford Travel Writing Prize, is published by 4th Estate, and ranges from Cape Cod to the West of Ireland in search of stories of the sea, its people, and its animals. An experienced broadcaster, curator and filmmaker, he wrote and presented the BBC film The Hunt for Moby-Dick, filmed in the UK, New Bedford, Nantucket and the Azores, and he also directed three films for BBC’s Whale Night. He is a regular contribution to the Guardian, and is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton, UK, and curator of the Moby-Dick Big Read,, a free online audio version of Melville's book which has received 5 million hits to date.

Twitter: @philipwhale

The photo of Philip Hoare at Cape Cod is by Dennis Minsky