Literary Programme 2018

Caitríona Perry

Caitríona Perry

Caitríona Perry

Maritime Hotel

Sat 14 July 2018



Caitríona Perry joins us to speak about her book In America: Tales from Trump Country. As RTÉ’s Washington correspondent, Caitríona earned a reputation as a reliable source of truth as the world tries to make sense of the maelstrom of shocking headlines emanating from Donald Trump’s America. In this her first book, she goes beyond the news reports and delves into the American heartland where she witnessed his rise at first hand, while others were blindsided by his victory.

This is the story of the American people who were angry and disillusioned by traditional politics. It is the story of the workers of the industrial heartland, of the women of America, of immigrant communities, of the people who viewed a wealthy businessman from the city of New York as ‘one of us’. This is the story of the people who shook the world.

‘From the Mexico border to the Oval Office, Caitríona Perry brings us to the coalface of one of the most tempestuous and extraordinary opening periods of any presidency in modern memory.’ Ryan Tubridy

‘In my visits to Ireland since the 2016 election, the most frequent question I get is “How could that happen?” Caitríona Perry answers it honestly and candidly as only someone who takes the time to understand could.’ Cody Keenan, Chief Speechwriter to President Barack Obama

‘A genuinely fascinating chance to meet the most and least likely Trump voters and find out why his election was ultimately bound to happen.’ Rick O’Shea

Caitríona Perry is an award-winning Irish journalist.  She's worked as a broadcast news correspondent since 2000 and is currently the co-anchor of the main television evening news programme from Ireland's national public service broadcaster, RTÉ. The SixOne News is broadcast Monday to Friday from 6.01pm to 7pm and is the most watched news programme in Ireland. Previously she was the station's Washington Correspondent (2013-Dec 2017) where she worked across television, radio and digital platforms reporting on politics and all sorts of US related news.  She has significant editorial experience and has previously worked as a news anchor, presenter, documentary maker, producer, and programme editor.  She has won awards for her television and radio reportage, including most recently a National Justice Media Merit Award for TV News in June 2015. She has an Undergraduate Degree in Journalism (2002) and a Masters Degree in International Relations (2010), both awarded by Dublin City University, which recently named her as one of the University's distinguished alumni. In addition to her home country of Ireland, Caitriona has reported on news stories across the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia. Her first book, In America: Tales from Trump Country was published by Gill Books in October 2017. It debuted at number three in the Irish bestsellers charts and was shortlisted for Best Irish Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2017. Caitríona was recently named the Irish Tatler Media Woman of the Year 2017.