Special Layouts

Here we’ll look at the more complex layouts which enable display of news items, Child pages and specific items.

Note all Layout Tutorials, including this one, are:

So we’ll start with Child Page layouts below.

Display Children

Unlike Posts (news items, artists and events), which are listed by date and can be tagged and categorised, Pages are hierarchical. Top-level pages are called Parent pages and lower levels are Child pages. You can visually see the hierarchies of each festivals’ pages in their All Pages section of the back end, eg. see CMF pages hierarchy here.

For example, our About Us page is a Parent page and each page with more information about us (What We DoWho We AreHow We WorkOur Networks) is a Child of that page. And About Us is actually a child page of our top level West Cork Music page.

It’s useful to automatically display Child pages – like in the About Us page. If Child pages are added or deleted, the change will automatically be displayed in the layout, saving us from having to remember to do manual updates.

There are two options for displaying Child pages – horizontal or boxes, set using the Style pulldown.

The Child pages can be ordered Ascending or Descending.


  • The default order of pages is by date published.
  • To change the order use the Order field in the Page Attributes box in the right hand column of page editor (see image right).
  • Or use the Quick Edit option on the full pages listing to alter several pages’ Order number quickly (see image below).

Page Attributes

Quick Edit page option

Horizontal Children Layout

The horizontal layout also needs an image attached – click the Image button under Illustration in the layout. Just make sure the image is appropriate in design and size. The size will be dependent on the number of children, ie. the length it needs to be. Note, with only two children, the horizontal layout doesn’t really work here.

Boxes Children Layout

Display News Items

Used to display a list of news items. Simply select the Category(ies) of news wanted – more than one can be selected. The Springboard news is selected in the example below.

Springboard Retreat
Monday 28 January 2019

Springboard Retreat

We're very excited to announce that Aindrias de Staic will be  tutoring our third Springboard Retreat. Dates to be arranged.

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Springboard Feedback
Tuesday 24 April 2018

Springboard Feedback

If you are at all curious about our annual Springboard workshop - here's all you need to know from Bob Singer, one of this year's participants - including stunning photographs and inspiring stories.

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Display Items

The last layout is used to display particular items – they can be pages, events, artists, news items – really just about anything.

Again, there are two choices of styles – horizontal and boxes.

To add items, click in the Items field and start typing the name of each item. A pulldown will appear with items found. Simply select the item you want. Rinse and repeat until you have all the items you want.

You can reorder the items by clicking, holding, moving and releasing.

Before using this option, be sure there’s no other suitable layout, eg. don’t use this for a list of artists in a particular year – use the Display Artists layout for that.

NOTE: Events may not have a Featured Image set as they often use an Artist image instead. If you’re using one of these events in a Display Items layout, you’ll need to go and add a Featured Image to the event – see the event listed below, which doesn’t have a Featured Image.

Horizontal Display Items

Box Display Items