Literary Programme 2018

West Cork: The Making of a Podcast

West Cork: The Making of a Podcast

Jennifer Forde
Sam Bungey

Maritime Hotel

Fri 20 July 2018




Earlier this year the Sunday Times asked if “Irish podcasts [are] enjoying a golden age”. 10% of Irish adults now listen to podcasts on a weekly basis and one of the successful Irish podcasts mentioned is West Cork, an audio series about the unsolved murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Schull in 1996. Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde were first introduced to the case by a short piece in a British newspaper and subsequently travelled to Dublin and West Cork and interviewed more than 60 people for the series.

“It was surely foolish to set out to uncover some new aspect of a case that had occupied professional investigators in Ireland and France over two decades, not to mention local and national journalists who had reported on the case from day one. Instead, we decided to put all the narratives side by side and see how they stacked up… Over the years, it seemed that the quest for justice for Sophie had been replaced by something else – the Ian Bailey case. We wanted to take advantage of our position as outsiders coming fresh to a case which had become so difficult to take a straight look at.” Sam Bungey in the Sunday Business Post, February 2018

Join Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde as they discuss the making of this thoughtful and compelling podcast with Justine McCarthy of the Sunday Times. West Cork is available on

‘[West Cork is] my new favourite true-crime podcast.’ Louis Theroux

Sam Bungey is a journalist from London who has contributed to the Guardian, the Dublin Review and This American Life. He started his career in Dublin with a national monthly magazine, Mongrel.

Jennifer Forde is a documentary television producer, who has worked with the BBC and Britain’s leading independent production companies. She believes that the most important part of telling any story is letting the people who have lived it tell it for you.