Literary Programme 2018

Tramp Press Open Office Hours * SOLD OUT *

Tramp Press Open Office Hours * SOLD OUT *

Tramp Press

Maritime Hotel

Thu 19 July 2018



Got a question about publishing, editing, or just looking for some great recommendations?

Open Office Hours was created by Tramp Press to help open doors around the business of books and to break down perceived barriers between writers, readers, and publishers. Tramp Press invite you to chat to them about whatever books-related topic you’d like.

Come say hi, ask about the sector, how the slush pile works, or show them the projects you're working on.

Booking is free, and no questions are off-limits! (Except, of course, legal advice! For any copyright or dispute queries we'll strongly recommend you contact the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency or the Irish Writers' Union respectively. Words Ireland is also a good source of information for writers.)

All 20 minute chat-slots with Tramp Press are Sold Out.

ThursdaySessions available below: 

9am - * SOLD OUT *

9.30am - * SOLD OUT *

11am - * SOLD OUT *

11.30am - * SOLD OUT *

Tramp Press was launched by Sarah Davis-Goff and Lisa Coen in 2014 with the publication of Flight by Oona Frawley. Their aim is to find, nurture and publish exceptional literary talent. Tramp Press is committed to finding only the best and most deserving books, by new and established writers. They’ve subsequently published critically acclaimed authors including Sara Baume and Mike McCormack and this summer they will publish their first non-fiction title Notes to Self a collection of essays by Emelie Pine.