Literary Programme 2018

June Caldwell and Danny Denton

June Caldwell and Danny Denton

June Caldwell
Danny Denton

Maritime Hotel

Sun 15 July 2018



Join us to hear the authors of two of the most impressive debuts published in Ireland in the past year.

June Caldwell is one of Ireland’s most grindingly authentic and radically original talents and her debut collection of stories, Room Little Darker explores the clandestine aspects of modern life through jagged, visceral tales of wanton sex, broken relationships, homelessness and futuristic nightmares. At once hilarious and profoundly moving, June’s stories probe raw sexuality and disturbing psychology, the love (and hate) of family, the darkness and light that lives inside us all.

‘Caldwell’s linguistic verve is what keeps you paying attention, fascinated and appalled… Caldwell forever has her eye on language, stalking it everywhere, through the demotic, the street slang and on towards the realms of the sinister sublime… The book amounts to an unsparing portrait of a city and a nation, with a singular voice heard throughout, lost in grief and longing, interrogating every motive and intention. It is banshee bold… A work more attentive to – and understanding of – the terrible derangements of simply being alive I have not read in a long time.’ The Guardian

‘You’ve probably never read about contemporary Ireland quite like this… Strong, salty, swaggering new voice in Irish fiction… A bitches’ brew of anger, spiky rage and deft humour.’ Irish Independent

June Caldwell worked for many years as a journalist and now writes fiction. Her story ‘SOMAT’ was published in the award-winning anthology The Long Gaze Back, edited by Sinéad Gleeson and was chosen as a ‘favourite’ by the Sunday Times. She is a prizewinner of the Moth International Short Story Prize and has been shortlisted for many others, including the Calvino Prize in Fabulist Fiction, the Colm Toíbín International Short Story Award, the Lorian Hemingway Prize, and the Sunday Business Post/Penguin Ireland Short Story Prize. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Queen’s University Belfast, and lives in Dublin.

Danny Denton’s The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow is set in Ireland in a post-digital future: derelict and flooded by ceaseless rain. A baby is born to The Kid in Yellow and T, the daughter of The Earlie King. When T dies in childbirth, the Kid tricks the King, steals the baby and goes on the run. Danny’s debut novel conjures Peaky Blinders, Quentin Tarantino, George Saunders and Tom Waits, but this is something entirely new. Roll up! And hear its tale…

‘What a book. Absolutely marvellous.’ Cillian Murphy

‘Mashing ancient myth with a miserable future, Denton’s fierce and distinctive debut should set the books world alight.’ Irish Times

‘Denton is a literary talent to watch.’ Sydney Morning Herald

Danny Denton is a writer from Cork, Ireland. He has been awarded several bursaries and scholarships for his work, and has written for the Irish Times, Irish Examiner, and RTÉ Arena. His short stories have been published in Stinging Fly, among others. The Earlie King & The Kid in Yellow is his first novel and was published by Granta in January 2018.

June’s photo is by Will Govan and Danny’s photo is by Rachel Bradbury.