Literary Programme 2017

Book Reviews: Eileen Battersby *** NOTE TIME CHANGE ***

Book Reviews: Eileen Battersby *** NOTE TIME CHANGE ***

Eileen Battersby

Maritime Hotel

Wed 19 July 2017



*** NOTE TIME CHANGE - Now at 6.30pm in the Maritime Hotel NOT earlier time ***

Join Eileen Battersby for an insight into her work as an Irish Times staff arts journalist and literary reviewer. Eileen reviews books for the Irish Times on a weekly basis and has written about all aspects of the arts, particularly classical music and literature, as well as archaeology, historical geography and architectural history and has championed fiction in translation.

Four times winner of the Arts Journalist of the Year award, she was named National Critic of the Year in 2012 and has published three books; Second Readings: From Beckett to Black Beauty, Ordinary Dogs – a Story of Two Lives and her debut novel Teethmarks On My Tongue which was published by Dalkey Archive Press in 2016.